A turnkey moisture solution

The main contractor for the straw handling system, C&H System, chose DSE to deliver the well-known DSE4100 Moisture Meters for the Sleaford Renewable Energy project, as well as doing the installation on the yokes and also the onsite run-in and verification.

Turn key setup of The DSE moisture measuring system

Crane with moisture meters for SleafordSleaford Renewable Energy plant is a sizeable biomass-fired power plant in North Lincolnshire, England. The biomass is preferably straw, typically supplied by local straw vendors. 

As the main contractor for the straw handling system, C&H System chose DSE to supplier the well-known DSE4100 moisture meters for cranes. 

To take advantage of DSE’s experience in moisture testing, C&H System asked DSE to make a turnkey setup of the moisture measuring system, offering the sensors and installation on the yokes and onsite run-in and verification.

Having a moisture division at DSE with a full workshop of dedicated mechanical and electrical fitters and assigning a team to do the installations and verifications was easy.

Crane yoke for SleafordOverview of the installation

The four yokes were built at BSV Krantilbehør in Vejen, Denmark, where the DSE installation team installed 18 sensors on each yoke, including:

  •  Installation of connection boxes
  •  Installation of moisture meters on grippers
  •  Installation of cable chains between movable and immovable parts of the clamp
  •  Installation of cables between moisture meters and distribution boxes. Cables placed in protective flexible tubes
  •  Installation of communication cables and power cables between distribution boxes
  •  Individual addressing of each moisture meter cable
  •  Installation of cable clamps to secure the protection of flexible hoses
  •  Test of all connections.

Communication via Straw Barn wireless LAN

The control software was installed on the central Windows server, communicating with the moisture system via a straw barn wireless LAN, using a Moxa NPort 5230A to create the local RS485 on the yoke. 

Run-in and verification on-site

DSE technician installing moisture meters at Sleaford  Power plantAfter the yokes were installed in Sleaford, the DSE specialists went onsite to run the installation; verification of all the sensors using verification plates was completed, and a verification report was made to the customer to verify that the system was measuring correctly.

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