Battery Test System

A unique turnkey test system – test of up to 30 batteries simultaneously.


Test of cells and the charging circuitry

cases/battery-test-system-1.pngTest up to 30 smart batteries simultaneously. Each battery (UUT) has built-in circuitry to ensure correct charging. The system tests both the characteristics of the cells and the charging circuitry. The UUTs are tested in parallel, asynchronous to each other, and can be removed/connected independently as soon as the individual UUT tests are completed. You will get optimal use of the instrumentation and minimum handling time of the UUTs.

When connecting a new UUT in the fixture, the testing starts automatically.

The system is serviceable via a remote connection. 


Software solution based on National Instruments TestStand, LabView, and The DSE EasyStand

The application is based on National Instruments TestStand and LabView.

The software executes in several threads using a modified parallel process model to ensure straightforward implementation of the UUT test sequence.
Diversity handling handles test limits and stimuli that change depending on the specific product variant of the UUT.
Diversity handling ensures full tracking of any changes in test limits, etc.
Data logging to Microsoft SQL database.
Product Diversity handling, data logging, and the Graphical User Interface (GUI) are implemented using standard components of DSE’s EasyStand toolbox.

Comprehensive turnkey hardware solution by DSE

  • Power supplies for UUTs
  • Port expanders for communication with UUT charger circuits
  • Cadex battery tester
  • PXI instrumentation for additional measurement capability
  • Switching system
  • Fixturing is based on the Everett Charles Technologies (ECT) fixture

Download the case here

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