Burn-in Test System

Burn-in system performing active burn-in test of 48 servo computer boards (UUT's) in parallel


Burn-In Test of servo computer boards

Burn-in systemBurn-in system performing active burn-in test of 48 servo computer boards (UUTs) in parallel. Each UUT comprises a CPU, DSP, FPGA, and several communication interfaces. During the test, all computers are run with CPU load and communication activity similar to the real-life maximum capacity of the UUT.

The system is configurable concerning temperatures, test time, etc. The typical test time is 4 hours per batch. Real-time monitoring and logging of results are handled during the test.

Developed for a big Swedish customer and installed at an EMS production site in Malaysia. DSE supports the system based on a service support agreement via a remote interface.


Software based on TestStand and LabView

Burn-in user interfaceThe application is based on National Instruments TestStand and LabView. During tests, they are uploaded with VxWorks-based BIST.

Teststand controls all 48 UUTs using a customized version of the TestStand batch process model combined with  DSE EasyStand, a comprehensive toolbox for handling System configuration, User Interfaces, Instrument Drivers, Datalogging, and product diversity.

The system leverages local XML files combined with SQL databases, allowing the system to operate without data loss even when network or database access fails.


A DSE-developed cassette solution

Burn-in chamber with casettesThe system uses a standard Vötch climate chamber, for which DSE has developed a cassette solution handling 3 x 12 UUTs. The cassettes are connected to the test hardware through a cable harness. The test hardware comprises a significant amount of switching, RS-232/-485/-RS422 interfaces, Ethernet, power supplies, and more. Servers, etc., are embedded to ensure uptime in a demanding environment.

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