Test of Hairpins for E-Motors

One of our customers challenged us to develop an in-line high-voltage insulation tester for the production of hairpins.


Each Hairpin is tested automatically

Hairpins tested with HVC360SA

Knowing which Hairpin has defects and sorting those out thoroughly automatedly is essential to avoid scrapping the final assembled E-motors and losing production. The strong bending pushes the enamel wire to the limit and gives a high risk of defects such as cracks and pin holes.

Also, scratches and holes from defects in the Hairpin forming and handling tools are critical. With the newly developed HVC360SA tester, developed in cooperation with a manufacturer of hairpins, it is now possible to test each Hairpin 100% for cracks, pinholes, and scratches using a high-voltage insulation test. The HVC360SA ensures no hairpin leaves the production line without individual testing giving a pass/fail signal. Implementing the HVC360SA makes it possible to increase production efficiency and product quality, save time in end-testing, and monitor the manufacturing process.

HVC360SA - build on well-proven technology

HVC measuring heads

The HVC360SA has electrodes with soft conductive brushes in contact with the wire. In the measuring head, the built-in controller has an individual pre-set for both High Voltage tension and the threshold level. When the hairpin passes through the conductive brushes, any measured current leakage will reflect the enamel's insulation properties and trigger an alarm output if it's over the set threshold. 

The technology is the same as the former HVC360 Flexible, which has been on the market for many years and is well-known within the wire manufacturing industry.

Key features of HVC360SA

  • Full 360-degree surface coverage of the wireHVC360SA -Full control with PLC
  •  A wide range of electrodes is available for different hairpin sizes and shapes.
  • No damage from sparks (low power design)
  •  Wide output test Voltage range 350 VDC to 6000 VDC
  •  Low tension means no damage to the enamel because of the very soft conductive brushes
  •  Tailor-made for manufacturers of hairpins

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