Invisio Communications: Design for test

Invisio Communications partnered with DSE to develop a more generic test concept for their products.

DSE to design a generic test concept for Invisio

With a strategy of continued focus on a broader product portfolio, Invisio partnered with DSE to design a new generic test concept. 

The focus areas are:

  • High quality
  • A modular and scalable test solution based on standard available components
  • Invisio must be in control of all processes

Invisio applications

Design for test

A typical process, ”design for test,” was made to optimize the production cost and test coverage. The process involved R&D, Test- and production departments, and external suppliers. The PCB design was also considered/optimized for the production test. DSE made a design presentation of an ”Invisio standard” test platform for test software, instrumentation, and fixtures. Invisio reviewed the design and the optimal solution.  

Anders Thomsen, Test Design Engineer at Invisio, says:

Our strategy is to use a generic designed test platform with a high degree of re-use of test software and instrumentation. We ensured Invisio a high degree of flexibility and a short time-to-market for new models.


Complete turnkey test solution

Based on Invisio test specifications, we made design suggestions for a generic hardware/software test platform, incl.: 

  • Functional PCBA test, End test
  • Test and measurement, Instrumentation
  • Testrack
  • Programming of DUT during test
  • Boundary Scan test
  • Fixture and easy change between product lines
  • Test software with a graphic user Interface for the operator, specific test sequences, instrument drives, and traceability
  • Test data management

Invio received a read-to-use test system, incl. the CE certificate

The internal product development process and project management for a new test system are often very dynamic due to the development processes and complexity.

With in-house engineering and workshops, we can be agile and support Invisio in this dynamic process.

Key features

  • Designed for test.
  • Generic modular test platform based on standard elements.
  • Scalable solution for future products or expanding/changes of the test specifications.
  • Optimal use/reuse of test equipment for multiple products.

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