Example of DSE modular LabVIEW and TestStand-based user interface

When designing software for testing (and programming) in the production line, this can be performed sequentially (one DUT at a time) or in parallel (multiple single tests or panels with X DUTs), depending on the test requirements. TestStand based framework is very suitable for this type of application.

This showcase test system tests units in parallel to meet capacity demands and reduce overall test time. The main program/framework for the software platform, developed by DSE, is based on NI TestStand as the sequencer and the related software in LabVIEW. It also includes a Graphic User Interface, Instrument drivers, Fixture control, and Data logging.

The User Interface and User Interface plugins shown below are based on many proven tools that DSE has developed over the years, exploiting NI's recommendations for good practice. This means a stable and reliable solution with a high offset for the project, saving customers time and money.


Some of the main advantages for the customer in this showcase are:

  • Automatic scaling: Depending on the system's configuration, the UI will scale to the number of fixtures connected.
  • Independent tests: Tests of units in any fixtures are started and completed entirely independently of the status of the other fixtures.
  • Shared instrumentation: Common instrumentation is shared securely between the fixtures.
  • Manually or automatically operated: An operator can use a robot to load and unload units manually or automatically to the fixtures.
  • Status bar graph: A status plugin is visible for each fixture, showing the control status of the individual fixtures, the test progress, the test status of the current unit, and statistical information on how many units have passed and failed in each fixture.
  • Comprehensive data logging: To create vital data for optimizing the customer product and production processes (yield, cpk, trends), as well as the performance of the test system.
  • Login levels for test details:  Depending on the operator's login level, the UI exposes a couple of plugins to show test details and test reports.

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