Nissens Exhaust Gas Recirculationvalve test

-From idea to turnkey solution

Søren Ellegård, Test Engineer, Nissens says: 

"We have used DSE as a partner to deliver a complete turnkey test system for performance testing and lifetime parts testing to automotive applications. We have been delighted with the project process, from idea to design specifications to installation and aftersales support. Especially the open dialogue and the inputs and solution proposals that DSE has presented. We have found a very satisfying solution that gives value for money."

About Nissens

Nissens is a leading global manufacturer and system provider of engine cooling and air conditioning products for the international automotive aftermarket and customized cooling components, systems, and modules for the renewable energy and industrial segments.

Performance and lifetime test for a product working in harsh environments

The highest-grade, industry-acknowledged materials and comprehensive product testing are applied to Nissens Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) valves to ensure the component's long, reliable operation in extreme conditions, such as heat of combustion and exhaust gas flows. Nissens were in demand for a lifetime and a performance test over millions of EGR operations.

The process of finding the best possible test solution for Nissens

Nissen and DSE performed an analysis of Nissen's demands together. In joint sessions with the participation of experts from Nissens and DSE, ideas, nice-to-have and need-to-have, were analyzed. The outcome: The optimal test specifications showed us that this was an effective and thorough way. We carefully examined the customized user interface and data logging to give the best value for money.

With ideas and input from stakeholders at Nissens, this initial process was vital to finding the best solution. Based on this, DSE presented Nissens with a complete turnkey solution, including economics and budget. The turnkey solution is based on standard modules with long-term stability and flexible modules with various settings for test conditions and presentation/read-out of data results.

DSE and Nissen reviewed the turnkey solution to optimize features and budget for the benefit of both parties.

An overview of the main processes/milestones:


A capable, scalable, and flexible test system

The final result for Nissens was a modular, scalable, and very flexible test system that performs independent, parallel, long-time tests. Hardware/instrumentation based on standard components will make it easy for Nissen to expand its capacity and conduct support and maintenance. The core instrumentation was NI cDAQ controllers and LabVIEW. An H-bridge was used to control the EGR valve.

DSE also delivered the LabVIEW source code, CE certification, and documentation for the system.

During the process, Nissens was able to focus on core business by partnering up with DSE as a flexible external resource with expertise and knowledge.

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