High quality and automation are critical for us to stay competitive! 

"We found that DSE had great expertise in custom test solutions, and it has been a pleasure to work with DSE throughout the project - DSE also kept it within the agreed budget and timeline.” 

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Newest generation PCBA system

The newest generation of the PCBA Test system has been installed on the Vestas Electronic manufacturing site in Hammel.

Some of the requirements from Vestas for the test solution were: 

  • Fully automated, meaning no operator needs to handle the products 
  • High quality - The processes are Poka-Yoke secured with 2D code scanning on products and RFID chips on test fixtures
  • Integrated into Vestas MES system for full traceability and product factory route enforcement


The overall test software platform is based on NI TestStand and LabVIEW. DSE engineered the test frame core, including:

  •  Instrument drivers based on Custom step types
  •  Interface to conveyor handler system
  • Grafic user Interface
  • Test data logging and traceability
  • Integration to Vestas MES system
  • Test sequences for specific products
  • The many years of experience with a proven solution 

TestStand gave a relatively high offset for the project. DSE-developed source code was delivered to Vestas as part of the documentation.

Please read about how we manage to fulfill the requirements here

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