DSE improves the environment

- Avoid producing scrap with The DSE instruments

Positive impact on environment with The DSE instruments

Being in the business of test and measurement it is in the nature of things to sort out scrap before it enters into the production process of our customers. With our instruments we take it a bit further. We allow our customers to test their semi-finished products before using them further in their process there it becomes costly in money as well in environmental impact to make a correction. 

A really good example is our HVC SA that you find under Wire Testers or our DSE4200 you find under Moisture Meters.

State of Green - producing more with less

Another good example of how some of our products can increase the efficiency in environmental friendly processes is mentioned in the white paper from State of Green, that was realised in connection during the Copp28 meeting.

They say:

We are proud to contribute insights in this brand-new white paper focusing on how to transform global food systems for a more sustainable and resilient future.

Launched at #COP28, @State of Green Denmark's in-depth publication 'Producing less with more' outlines key steps towards a more resilient and resource-efficient food and agriculture sector, reflecting the agrifood’s collective efforts to drive the green transition.

Download the publication and explore numerous Danish solutions: https://stateofgreen.com/en/publications/producing-more-with-less/



Internal environmental measures

Besides these dedicated instruments we also look inside our company to search for environmental improvement measures. As a result, we heat our company with district heating and our lightning is controlled so we only use it during workhours.