End-of-line test

-Securing the quality of your electronics

Box Build or End-of-line test

test/endoflinetestdevice.pngWe are one of Scandinavia's most experienced experts in designing and manufacturing turnkey systems for final end-of-line or Box Build testing of electronic devices.

Whether you need to test your device or end-of-line via connectors, terminals, or wireless, DSE can provide specialized test expertise for the optimal test solution.

With over 30 years of experience, we know how to create fast, stable, and easy-to-maintain systems for the production environment.

We are experts in designing and manufacturing end-of-line or Box-Build test systems for functionality, signals, speed, communication, connections, components, performance, calibration, programming, regulation/compliance, and validation.

Usually, an End-of-line test is done by:

  • Test of/via connectors
  • Test via slide-in probes
  • Wireless unit test (BLE, WiFi, Zigbee..)
  • Safety test (HiPOT)
  • Display test

Turnkey End-of-line test - manufactured in-house!

We design and manufacture the complete turnkey test solutions in-house. Our experienced engineers specialize in mechanics, safety, RF wireless, electronics, and test software.

You can benefit from ISO-9000 quality control system, which ensures the same quality every time. Your Test Systems will be delivered with documentation and CE certification. Having the complete process in-house means flexibility under control for our customers.

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What is an End-of-Line (EOL) Test?


The “final” product often consists of several sub-units, like a power card, controller card, etc. It is widespread to test the sub-units the same way as the PCBA’s in a PCBA test before final assembly. After final assembly, most companies perform an End-of-line test to ensure the quality before packaging and shipment to the end customer.


What do you test in an End-of-line (EOL) test?

Before assembling the final product, you often test the sub-units (like PCBAs). The End-of-line test focuses on testing the I/Os, such as displays, connectors, terminals, wireless connections, communication lines, QR info, and more. A HiPOT safety test can also accomplish the end-of-line test.


How do you make an “End-of-line (EOL) test”

Depending on the level of automation required, this is done manually or automatically, either as a stand-alone test station or as an integrated part of a production line.