LabVIEW & TestStand

Test software engineering at DSE                  

ni-labview/ni_3ien.jpgWe develop and sell mission-critical test systems and commercialized products worldwide. We focus on creating reliable, easy-to-use, and serviceable software solutions and providing the necessary support to keep your production running.

LabVIEW/TestStand from NI is a well-defined and documented "market standard" for test execution. DSE has been an official Alliance Partner for NI since 1998. Our software developers are certified under the NI program for LabVIEW & TestStand and have years of experience with practical, real-world HW integration.


DSE has developed many different LabVIEW/TestStand customer projects over the years. The vast experience means we have several code modules and shortcuts to proven solutions, saving time and providing reliable solutions with a high offset for new projects.


We call this the "code module library" for DSE EasyStand. Implementing your TestStand application with DSE EasyStand will help you focus on testing your products rather than becoming an expert in the architecture of TestStand.


We have based our adapted software platform on NI TestStandas the sequencer and the related software in LabVIEW. The platform/framework includes:

  • Main program/test framework
  • Graphic User Interface 
  • Instrument drivers
  • Fixture control
  • Data logging to DB (& also prepared for optional WATS Test Data Management)
  • Prepared for remote access for support.
  • Optional application-specific interfaces, like custom step types


First, we establish the software test platform and then develop the customized test sequences for each production test and product variant.

Our customers get the LabVIEW/TestStand source code for the DSE-developed test software as part of the project.



NI Regional Partner Manager – EMEA, Jack Bering, says:

"My NI (National Instruments) history with DSE is over 20 years. I know DSE as one of the leading test system integrators in Scandinavia - they have an impressive customer track record and a strong relationship with their customers. DSE is a very appreciated and competent NI partner for system integration of NI hardware and software for production testing of electronics. DSE is a full-service system integrator that offers workshops for electronics and mechanics. As one of the NI partners in my "book of accounts," I look forward to developing the business with DSE in the future, especially the future market potential within DSE focus area for production test of Power electronics and RF wireless devices." 


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