Burn-in test

-Avoid bottlenecks with a DSE Solution

Functional stress test of electronics units

The burn-in test is a functional stress test of electronic units. In this test, the DUTs (Devices under test) are exposed to high and low temperatures in a climate chamber. The application and test specifications determine the temperature ranges and test time cycles.

One challenge when performing Burn-In tests is optimizing the total test time in the production lines to avoid expensive bottlenecks.

Interface design of importance

The production cost per unit can be significantly reduced by designing the interface between the DUTs and the communication of the test system in a way that allows multiple DUTs to be tested in a batch. Also, the DUT palette or fixturing into the Burn-In chamber should be done quickly and in an ergonomically smooth and safe way for the operator.

Burn-In milibar tester

DSE has made Burn-In test solutions for customers in various industries, such as robotics, sensor manufacturers, Oil and gas, and more. So, I don't remember you starting from scratch with us.

A DSE turnkey test solution includes the design and manufacturing of:

  • Climate chamber
  • Fixture, palette
  • Tester Rack with T&M instruments
  • PC
  • Test software.

48 Computer Boards in Parallel Test

Read more about a Burn-in test solution case designed and delivered by DSE as a turnkey solution, where 48 servo computer boards are tested in parallel as one batch. We helped the customer develop a cassette solution to make the operator's handling of the tested units smooth and quick.