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DSE has operational systems running successfully on power stations around the world

Long-term relationship customers for Moisture Meters

We supply high-quality Microwave-based Moisture Equipment directly and through our professional partners. We work with customers in long-term close relationships to ensure that their needs are met, and we are pleased to see that customers often return to us with fascinating new projects.

Today, we have operational systems running successfully on power stations and other biomass-using facilities around the world - including: 


moisture/pile.png Grenaa Kraftvarmevaerk, DK

moisture/pile.png Ensted Power Plant, DK

moisture/pile.png Studstrup Power Plant, DK

moisture/pile.png Maabjerg Kraftvarmevaerk, DK

moisture/pile.png Fyensvaerket, DK

moisture/pile.png Koege Biopille fabrik, DK

moisture/pile.png Lisbjerg Kraftvarmeværk, DK

moisture/pile.png Aabenraa Fjernvarme, DK

moisture/pile.png Vejen Fjernvarme, DK


moisture/pile.png Dunacell Hungary, HU

moisture/pile.png Cariton Valley, US

moisture/pile.png Acciona,Briviesca, ES

moisture/pile.png Acciona,Miajadas, ES

moisture/pile.png Alfalfa Monegros, ES

moisture/pile.png D.Y.C.A.S.A., ES

moisture/pile.png Elean Power Station, UK

moisture/pile.png Pannon Power Hungary, HU

moisture/pile.png Drax UK power, UK

moisture/pile.png Sleaford Renewable Energy plant, UK

moisture/pile.png Snettorton Renewable Energy Plant, UK

moisture/pile.png Brigg Renewable Energy Plant, UK

moisture/pile.png BEKW Bioenergikraftwerk, Emlichheim, D

moisture/pile.png RAIZEN, Cellulosic Ethanol, BR

moisture/pile.png Tozzi Green, IT

To find out how DSE can supply the proper moisture measurement equipment, please contact our Sales Department.