TD5 Tangent Delta testers

-Fast, accurate, and reliable Tangent Delta measurements.

TD5 is applicable for quality control of enameled wire. During the wire's heat-up, the TD5 automatically calculates the Tangent Delta temperature (TgD). 

An entire curve can be used to determine and display valuable information about the quality of the enamel.

TD5 - All the best in one unit

  • High-temperature oven - up to 500⁰C
  • High, consistent measurements
  • High accuracy
  • Low maintenance needs
  • Round and flat wire can be tested in one system
  • High speed
  • Approve/reject function
  • Reference wire in display
  • DIN or Logarithmic scales
  • Up to 99 pre-settings
  • Multi-user language
  • IEC 60851-5 compliant

Curing Tester TD5

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