PCBA test

-by use of advanced electrical tests, data acquisition, and data analysis

During 30 years, we have developed our competencies within functional testing of PCBA. The PCBA test stimulates electrical signals, and the response is measured and analyzed.

We have impressive knowledge and experience of “best practices” in designing and manufacturing stable and durable Turnkey Test Systems based on modular elements.

We are pleased to share our knowledge of “Design for Testability of PCBAs” to help you optimize your design for production. We have made several Tips & Tricks videos that might be helpful, or you can give us a call.

A PCBA test system from DSE

When designing and manufacturing a turnkey PCBA test system, we analyze your requirements for:

  • Level of automation and integration into your production line
  • PCBA fixture kit customized to the actual PCBA
  • Test and measurement instrumentation and data acquisition
  • Signal integrity and intercabling
  • Software platform and test sequences
  • Safety for operator 


Benefits of a PCBA Test System 

  • Then, we build a PCBA Test System to fit your requirements using a well-proven software and hardware platform.
  • We always go for the most intelligent solution to your test needs.
  • We ensure the test project is within the timeline and budget limits.
  • Documentation is more than adequate, so ownership of the test system is transferred, and the change of operator is easy and straightforward.

Fixtures to go into a PCBA Test System

DSE works with various standard PCBA fixture kits from GPS Prüftechnik and ATX.

When choosing a fixture, consider factors like ergonomics, manual/automatic operations, single/double testing, exchangeable cassettes, turnable tables, RF applications, economy, and interface options.

Finding the optimal solution is very important to us, so we customize the fixture to your PCBA and advise about the choice of test probes regarding demands for mechanical size, tip style, spring load and travel, current, frequency, plating, or type of termination.

The PCBA test systems are designed and manufactured according to relevant regulatory requirements, are safe to use, and are delivered with complete documentation and CE certification.


What is a PCBA Test?

A PCBA test is a test of a circuit board after it has been assembled with components to ensure that it is flawless and has correct functionality. This type of test is typically a functional test, and the circuit board is generally referred to as a device under test (DUT)

How do you make a PCBA test?

The test adds stimuli to the DUT and measures the response. The response must be within predefined limits and is used to classify the DUT as passed or failed. All measurements are stored in a database for traceability and performance analyses (CP, CPK, FPY). The test is typically performed in a PCBA test fixture.


Are there different types of PCBA tests?

There are quite a few types of test methods. The most used is the functional test, but also burn–in tests, JTAG Boundary Scan tests, HiPOT tests, and Vision tests are often used. Then, when DSE makes a PCBA Test, it is always customized and delivered as a turnkey solution.





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