Vision test 

-NI Vision

Vision test solutions as stand-alone or turnkey

Based on your needs, requirements, and environment, we can assist you in your vision test projects as a stand-alone vision system or as part of a turnkey solution.

We specialize in making fast, stable, and accurate vision test systems and have highly trained engineers in vision system elements like software, hardware, camera, light, and illumination. 

We have chosen to use National Instruments vision components to design and develop our vision test solutions. National Instruments' vision products include vision systems, smart cameras, frame grabbers, and vision interfaces designed for a wide range of applications.

Some examples of applications are:

  • Visual inspection
  • Assembly/process verification
  • Quality control
  • Object tracking
  • LED testing
  • Display inspection
  • Optical character recognition (OCR)

National Instruments vision components mean easy integration with imaging and camera standards.

National Instruments vision products easily integrate with a wide range of cameras and imaging standards, reducing development time and maintenance costs.

DSE has been a National Instruments Alliance Partner since 1998, and we develop most of our solutions based on National Instruments components, such as LabVIEW and TestStand suites, PXI and PCI instruments, and Compact-RIO and Compact-DAC. Our long-term successful use of these tools ensures that DSE can provide competitive, flexible, modular, and highly scalable solutions to our customers' test needs.

Please also review our test software programming competencies or contact our sales department.