PCBA test fixtures 

-To suit your needs!

What are PCBA test fixtures?

Example of Test Fixtures: GPS Fixture

There are many test fixtures: PCBA test fixtures, Bed of Nails Fixtures, Functional Test Fixtures etc.

Depending on our customers' needs, we offer test fixtures as stand-alone units, complete wired and assembled fixtures or as part of a turnkey solution with test software, measurement instruments, PC/Controller, and test data management. 

The choice of fixture depends upon many different factors, such as:

  • Ergonomics
  • Manual or semi- or fully automatic operations
  • Single/double testing
  • Exchangeable cassettes
  • Tunable tables
  • RF applications
  • Economy
  • Interface-options
  • Safety components like switches, relays, locks, safety lids, etc.

We can advise you about the choice of test probes. Whatever your demands for mechanical size, tip style, spring load and travel, current, frequency, plating, or type of termination, together, we will find the optimal solution.

Standard test fixture

We offer various standard fixtures, such as GPS Prüftechnik and ATX, for testing PCBAEnd of Line, and HiPOT. We can provide Tescom RF-shield boxes and Tem Cells to test wireless devices.

Custom test fixture

DSE offers unique solutions of any kind, and we love a challenge. We provide fixtures for automatic Inline Testers (ATE), mobile test units, burn-in tests, calibration tests, gyro-based tests, and many others.

In our mechanical workshop, we design, develop, and manufacture. We often modify a standard fixture to meet specific customer requirements, which results in satisfied customers.

For further information, please click here to view our Test Fixture brochure or about the Full Automatic testsystem or some case stories to get inspiration from other companies!